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nov 3 - Fayetteville, NC the ROCK SHOP [17 Nov 2007|07:13pm]

Fayetteville, nc - this joint looked like the inside of that dude from
white zombies brain. There was coffins everywhere and jake strapped
himself into some bondage shit. The locals were very fun at this
military town engagement. The ppl that run the venue are in this
kickass band called smegma which is basically them cussing and saying
really offensive stuff super loud over music which seems soft by
comparison. We got the cd and listened to it quite a lot. There was
nearly a fight after, which tony from lbm and jake broke up. It was
between an army guy and a very small guy who didn't understand why the
other guy wanted to fight him.

Afterwards we cruised through the night to the georgia guidestones. I
did the driving and we went to elberton, ga to check them out, which was
totally nuts. We got there at daybreak and spent the morning lounging
on the grass in the sun. The weather was wonderful and laying
underneath a weird stonehenge-like 10 commandments calling for the
destruction of nearly the entire human species made for a nice morning.
We met lots of doom-cult environmentalist weirdos there. One woman felt
that if we populated arizona with more municipalities it might cause the
human species to drink up the entire planets water supply(the ocean?).
I reminded her that the world is almost entirely water and she said that
she doesn't believe in facts but moreso trusts her gut. She reminded me
of michael moore meets the character of steven colbert. Then this 90
year old creole gentleman came, ogled the commandments, then said "you
know they were sterilizing the blacks in alabama while back" interesting
to hear some unknown pieces of Americas frightening eugenics history
that ur history book conveniently neglects straight from the people who
lived through it. He had absolutely no teeth and was eating some orange
things that looked like his gums. It was really a great compliment to
his stories of the olden days of american self reliance; then a detailed
depiction of how they avoided some kind of bug infestation on their
'taters'. I slept not a wink and we rolled onward to atlanta.


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[17 Nov 2007|07:11pm]

 thomasville, nc - this particular joint(the soundvent) was a quality venue in a
semi-rural part of north carolina. The owner of the joint was very kind
and very hip to the cause. The show went quite well and we went, along
with lye by mistake to some new friends house. I took a bunch of xanex
and played wii with Josh from Lye By Mistake. Everyone was pretty
intoxicated this evening and I spilled some pink juice all over my
pants. There was pool being played, and drugs, and all the things your
supposed to barely remember when you use benzodiazepams.

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TOUR KICKOFF: november 1st in Huntsville, AL with Lye By Mistake [17 Nov 2007|07:02pm]
Huntsville, AL - crashing falcon and radiotron hosted us at the lovely lowe mill... A factory in huntsvilles worst part of town; a place wed been many times. The turnout was moderate but enthusiastic. This was our first exposure to Lye By Mistake, which really must be seen to be believed. After a rousing, cool evening of experimental music we left with our friend Ashley to her home with her marijuana cigarette retailer friend. It was a nice house and I took a gimongous shit and there was a cat and cheese crackers. 

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we will tour again soon, at which point the tour journal shall recommence! [27 Aug 2007|08:11pm]
soon. we return to the lonely interstate.

youtube videos to hold you overCollapse )
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sept 2 montclair, nj bloomfield ave [13 Sep 2006|07:02pm]
the last date of the official summer bummer tour.  very sad.  it rained, because the heavens wept.

the heavens wept on like several hundred people all night because there was a long line, it was sold out, and people had to wait for hours for people to leave in order to get in.

it was insane, way over capacity, hundreds of kids.

most everyone was watching porn and getting wasted.  so wasted everyone played sloppy as hell.  haha.

afterwards we had a big goodbye ritual with everyone and took lots of photos.

a nice end to such a good tour on such a huge show.

afterwards we went to eat with deanna and sara in what i think wound up being newark.

good times.... long overnight drive to harrisonburg, va.

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sept 1 kingston, pa backstage enterprises [13 Sep 2006|06:57pm]
this show drew a lot of the kids from dirtfest, which was weird, because it wasn't akward.  i chewed some kid out for demanding a breakdown by letting him know that if you need breakdowns to mosh your a pussy.  his friends laughed at him and that went quite nicely.  nothing better than reinforcing the death of some so-last-week trends by verbally accosting those that mindlessly support them in public.  i haven't done enough of that lately.

anywho, the kids were really cool that night and the show energy was great.  it rained terribly and we drove afterwards to petes palacial mansion in new jersey.

it was a solid day.

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aug 31 epping, nh america legion [13 Sep 2006|06:53pm]
another american legion. this one was #19023840128349018234something or other.  i can never remember.

it was good!  lots of kids! everyone killed it tonite.  i had a long conversation with a really cool local cop, and admitted to as much drug use and such from my past as possible in conversation with him(one of my fave pastimes when talking to law enforcement amicably).  it was actually quite cold, as we were super north at this point.  pretty close to boston, we had to drive through boston on the way there, which was lame because they have roads that are full of cars in your way.

we stayed with a sweet female and her mother, who feasted us up right, along with the human abstract.

cool night overall.

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seekonk, ma american legion, aug 30 [13 Sep 2006|06:48pm]
this was a last minute add on show, and boy was it chaos!  some friends of folly asked us all to jump on and we did.  the show went pretty well # of kids wise, and we played with some cool local bands.  this town was pretty much a suburb of rhode island.  then a teenager drank enough alcohol to pass out, which for some reason resulted in 5 cop cars, an ambulance and a firetruck.  some people were arrested, as the community of seekonk, ma does not put up with human beings drinking alcohol to the point of intoxication.

it was nuts.  im from the freakin deep south man, bible belt, where any excuse to break up a show is fair game, but if theres a drunk kid in the parking lot and the cops get called for that they'd hang up on you.  its beer, people drink it to excess now and again.insane.  in the end the cops came in and shut down the show during drop deads set.  our soundman adam nearly got into a fight with one of em.  they all talked like John F. Kennedy.
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Aug 29 Wallingford, CT Wallingford American Legion [07 Sep 2006|02:00pm]
This show the promoter backed out of last minute, and another promoter stepped in to save the day.  Manic Productions.  he was also rewarded with a huge show.  250 or so kids in a room designed to hold 75.  it was insane.  steam poured off everyone as they came out of the venue.

it was a really great show, so packed you couldn't move.  There was some kind of harlotry and drunkeness over the whole evening. our friend Spazz came out.  Hes always a blast.  There was a sex show outside.  it was very public.

i hung with dan again who is the loud rock program director at western connecticut u.

tons of fun.

after the show i swung by Nick from Bellmore's studio and threw a track down on one of their new songs.

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Aug 28 New York City, NY The Knitting Factory [07 Sep 2006|01:54pm]
This show was originally planned to be in the tap bar downstairs, but presale tickets were so great that they had to move it to the main room, where it consequently sold out.

it was by far one of the best shows of the tour, and possible the funnest ive ever played.  NYC has one of the most intense, incredible crowds.  its funny because outside the venue the people are the least cooperative people in the world, and inside they're the best crowd youll find.

our friends deanna and sara came out that we met at dirtfest, and austin and clay from pile of face made it out as well; deanna made some pictures for us.

it was a really fun show.

after the show we took off to ct to snooze it up at nick from bellmore's apartment.

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Aug 27 saratoga springs, ny senor center [07 Sep 2006|01:47pm]
this show was at an old folks bingo joint thing.

it was a pretty cool show overall.

i think most everyone on the tour package was pretty out of control drunk.. and it was cold as shit outside.

during our set things got a little crazy.  im not sure why but at the bridge of lightningbugs i stopped and repeatedly pushed the mic into some kids faces, and they said random things over and over again, until they ran out of shit to say, at which point i kept doing it.  then as it kicked back in i slung the mic behind me and jumped into the crowd, resulting in a 3-way humping match.  skeet ripped all the strings off his guitar and everyone tackled everyone in the room.  somehow skeet wound up getting a broken rib or damaged sternum or something, and a few days later we had to take him to the E.R.

it was insane, we didn't finish and play cupid because at that point the show felt good being over.

it was a crazy night.  we ended it by going to jersey to stay with the folly dudes

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aug 26 north end fire hall pottstown, PA [07 Sep 2006|01:41pm]
when we arrived at this event at about 4pm, the firemen told us that the promoter hadn't arrived or called and that they were considering cancelling the show.  the shows had done so well so far on the tour, and there were enough kids there that early that we struck our own deal as a group to go ahead and rent the hall ourselves and put the show on.  this is always a risk on tour as you can never afford to do that kind of thing, but it was a winning deal on this tour for sure.  eventually the promoter did show up and everything went off as planned.  Spitfire was added to this show, which is an incredible band.  They were so aggressive with the crowd that it set a really chaotic tone for the show the rest of the night.  we had to use a garbage P.A., skeets four track recorder wound up being the mixer, due to lack of a better option.  it was a crazy show!  folly and ddg had to share equipment because the show ran late.

we chatted it up with Spitfire, who has more or less the same taste in music as we do and our friend Nicole who did merch for Tub Ring on their last tour came out and gave us all a crashing spot in Reading, PA.  while i was walking around talking on the phone the cops came and harrassed me again, asking me all sorts of leading questions.  this marks the third time this tour that cops have stopped me for walking around a neighborhood talking on my cell phone... odd

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aug 25 jessup, PA DOMEFEST [03 Sep 2006|01:06pm]
Domefest was literally in a dome.  i thought it would be a festival in honor of the blowjob.
for some people i imagine i was right on both counts.

the show was as akward as any show in a sports dome is.

packed with kiddos though so that aspect was good.

afterwards they provided the tour package with hotels, so debaucheries ensued.

we got some interesting video that night!

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aug 24, new london, ct the El N Gee [03 Sep 2006|12:59pm]
we met the people that ran the venue right away, who were cool as shit, and who we stayed with after the show.

lot of fun people that work at the Gee.  they were all pretty fucken cool.  we met some cool girls at the mall too who brought us sandwiches, which were tasty and such a sweet gesture.

the show was small but very fun.  the crowd was active for being small.

it was a whole lot of fun all night until my phone got stolen off the merch booth, crippling my ability to get ahold of anyone i know, and also shutting down my primary method of updating the tour journal! haha.  thus the delays.

that was a 300$ disaster for my broke ass, so that aspect of it sucks.

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aug 23 allentown, PA Crock Rock [03 Sep 2006|12:53pm]
This crocodile themed megaplex had about the craziest backstage of all time.  an underground labrynth packed with lasagna and beer.  that aspect was a big morale winner.

the downside was the venue began our sets by having this weird pump up the crowd rollerdisco announcement thing that happened a full five minutes before anyone was set up to play.  little akward. and no line checks for no clear reason meaning your monitor mix had to be hellish.

it was a huge crowd though and a very fun show nevertheless.

we schmoozed with some cool kids afterwards and took off to connecticut after the show.

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August 21 Baltimore, MD SONAR [03 Sep 2006|12:41pm]
This was to be  our third time playing SONAR.  both times were very good...   i got an hour sleep, max before playing this show.  of course i assumed that would make it horrible but the audience there was so hungry and active that it energized everyone. 

and i wasn't the only droopy eyed motherfucker there, everyone was exhausted.

after the show we went back to our friend Dee's house, and hung out with Pollax who did merch for Dog Fashion Disco on the last tour we went on.  it was cool to see them, since we hadn't in months.

after that we enjoyed a day off in a downtown apartment in Baltimore, where a building operating as a meth lab went up in FLAMES!

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aug 20 Cleveland, OH PEABODYS [22 Aug 2006|02:48pm]
Peabodys, Cleveland, OH

this was a huge show.  lot of kids, very fun as well.  I met plenty of good people at this most festive event.  Kyles dad showed up and got chris and anthony way drunk.  we played like drunks.

it was a fun show!  great room to have a show in really.  i talked to the Cleveland crowd like it was my girlfriend, and it fucked us and sucked us till we buckled over in exhaustion.

Kenny and I were sitting and talking outside and this one inebriated destitute feller came up and talked to his, and midsentence conversationally took a piss.

afterwards we went to the rock n roll hall of fame with THA and Alesana and took some pics.  Nathan and I took a piss on the building.  Anthony ran about half way up the glass pyramid part of it.  Security came and kicked us out. 

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Aug 19 Birch Run, MI DIRTFEST [22 Aug 2006|02:43pm]
DIRTFEST, birch run, MI

Dirtfest was the most poorly run festival I've ever seen.  Our stage ran
an hour and a half behind schedule.  We retained a ton of kids from the
roseville show, who couldn't find our set time because it wasn't
posted... And it put us up against fear before the march of flames time
wise, which ate up a lot of the kids we wanted to play for.  Still had a
decent crowd but when we started the PA was set up to play through the
speakers on another stage. So when we kicked off our set the music came
out of speakers on a stage 20 feet to the left of us.  Retards.  Some
kid came and sat down behind the front row of kids and idk why but I was
instantly irate.  I hummed my water bottle into the unspeakably rude
persons head,(not hard enough to hurt, just hard enough to make one feel
like a MORON and be really embarrassed) which is not something I wanted
to do, or thought through, but 1 hour of sleep, I can't be held
responsible for my emotional condition... Haha, but who sits down in
front of a band like ours anyways.  Fuckem.

I had lunch w graham from ed gein and we talked about the pathetic state
of the hardcore and metal scene these days and our hopes for it to
change.  Lot of great bands played this fest and it was definately a fun
time.  First time getting to see my friends in Kaddisfly play also which
was a blast.

Heavy heavy low low and jonbenet dudes were there who I have always
talked to via email and shit but never physically met.

All in all a productive yet exhausting day.

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Aug 18 Grand Rapids, MI The DAAC [22 Aug 2006|02:40pm]
Grand rapids, MI the DAAC

Grand rapids seems to be one big bad part of town.  This show was not
particularly big.  Jason, the human abstracts manager came out and
dropped off the first sale copies of their cd which is near coming out
at this point.

This one drunk guy wanted desperately to start a mosh, and everyone else
was scared by what extent of physical contact he was using to try and
start it.  The venue owner put him in a headlock and put an end to any
energy during our set.  It was pretty dissapointing.  Afterwards we
rolled out to near-detroit again for DIRTFEST.

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aug 17 Myspace internet cafe Roseville, MI [22 Aug 2006|02:36pm]
Roseville, mi myspace internet cafe

Folly didn't make it here bc their van broke down which is a bad thing
:(  we all were dissapointed immensely by that.
This was one of the weirdest named venues of them all.  The staff were
very cool though, some of the coolest I've met in a while.  The show was
also massive, which is a plus.  The sound equipment was totally
obliterated so we decided to say fuck how it sounds and play like a punk
band and it was a good call.  The kids loved it and it was a blast.  The
detroit area finally provided us a show that felt great.  Afterwards us
and the human abstract slept on the stage in the venue.

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